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New Themes Announced for 2015!

New Venue at The Screening Room

Odyssey on Arizona Public Media

Odyssey on Arizona Illustrated



Six people are invited to tell ten minute personal stories on a theme in front of an audience.

The stories are not read or memorized, they are told from the life experiences and creativity of the teller.

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Odyssey Storytelling is a program of StoryArts Group, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.  You can make

tax deductible contributions to Odyssey!

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Please check out the themes for 2015 on our calendar page.  We hope you are inspired to share a story in the upcoming year!


Odyssey is moving to the Screening Room in downtown Tucson beginning with the December 2014 show!


Check out Odyssey founder Penelope Starr, and Odyssey producer, Shannon Snapp, on Arizona Illustrated. 

Click here to watch the video!


Click here to check out Jerry Diaz, our first Odyssey Storyteller featured on Arizona Illustrated!

Click here to watch Molly McCloy share a story on Arizona Illustrated.

Click here to watch Sarah K. Smith share a story on Arizona Illustrated.

Odyssey Storytelling and Arizona Public Media are collaborating to bring storytelling to Arizona Illustrated!  Please contact us if you are interested in sharing a short, videotaped three-minute story.


Want to be a storyteller?

The themes for 2015 are posted on the calendar page. 

Check them out!

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Tracey Kurtzman shares a love story for the show “Anniversaries:  Ten Years of Odyssey Storytelling!”

Terry Ahearn shares a tale for the show “Revenge:  Stories of Getting Even”

Rebecca Cohen shares a true story for the show “Odd Couples.”

Ethel Lee-Miller shares a story for the show “Greener Grass?  New Places, Faces and Spaces.”

Dave Mondy shares a true story for the show “Greener Grass?  New Places, Faces and Spaces.”