TUCSON WEEKLY, September, 2012

Best Way to be Entertained by Real-Life Adventures in an Off-Broadway Setting 

Odyssey Storytelling

Staff Pick

In the late 1960s, you couldn't get more hip in New York than being "off Broadway." When that became too blasé, "off-off" allowed even the funkiest of dives to become cool. On the first Thursday of each month (except October), the Fluxx Studio and Gallery provides that kind of setting for this series of monologues that allows regular folks to willingly expose their emotions and real-life tales on a stage in front of family, friends and complete strangers. Often funny and always poignant, each show offers a different theme that explores a unique take on the human condition. Upcoming shows include November'sReligion: God, Allah, Yahweh, No Way, and in December, The End of the World as We Know It. In the event of the actual apocalypse, advance tickets for this show will not be refunded.

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