Storytellers so far:
Richard Zelens
Alta Fly
Hannah Blue Herron
Shellie Lynn
Maurice Grossman (video excerpt below)
Deitrich Benjamin
Ike Gaskin and Ken Cooper

Celebrating the lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) elders

Each participant tells the story of their life at a public event in front of an audience and we capture it on video.

We are passionate about this work because LGBT elders tend to become even more invisible than their straight counterparts. 

Some are not out, some don’t think that their stories are important, some don't want to relive painful memories, some are estranged from their families. 

There are lots of reasons some people would hide but there are even more important reasons to share their stories -  for LGBT youth; to educate the general public; to celebrate our lives; and to remember the history of this important civil rights movement.

We started this series in collaboration with Wingspan, Southern Arizona’s LGBT Community Center in 2007 in order to preserve LGBT history and the stories of our elders.  With the help of some wonderful volunteers we were able to make seven videos in the next few years under the name A Colorful Life. 

We’re on our own now and the LGBT Elder History Project is continuing this important work.  Contact us with suggestions for other local LGBT seniors to feature!



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Luanne Withee,  principal photographer / videographer and editor

Patricia Woelke researcher and interviewer

Penelope Starr, producer and editor

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Maurice Grossman’s Colorful Life


To be announced

New name, same ideals and goals!